Docker images for Parrot OS

Docker is a powerful technology that allows users to run containers universally on any host platform.

Docker uses template images, and allows the user to start several instances of the same template, destroy them, or build new custom templates on top of them.

Parrot uses docker to allow its users to use its vast arsenal of tools on any platform supported by docker.

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Available Templates

Whether you want to have a container full of tools, or several smaller containers with a tiny selection of tools, or even a clean Parrot environment to build yor custom stack on, this is the right place where to learn how to take advantage of the Parrot Docker workspace.


Core system with just the Parrot basics. You can use it as a start point to create your custom containers.

available flavors:

parrotsec/core:latest - based on parrot rolling (debian testing) amd64

parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64 - based on parrot rolling (debian testing) amd64

parrotsec/core:rolling-i386 - based on parrot rolling (debian testing) i386

launch the container:

docker run --rm -ti --network host -v $PWD/work:/work parrotsec/core:lts-amd64


This container includes a huge collection of tools that can be used via command line from inside a docker container.

Some tools with graphical interface were excluded for obvious reasons.

This container ships with the following metapackages:

  • parrot-pico
  • parrot-mini
  • parrot-tools-cloud

available flavors:

parrotsec/security:latest - built over parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64

parrotsec/security:rolling - built over parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64

parrotsec/security:lts - built over parrotsec/core:lts-amd64

Launch the container:

docker run --rm -ti --network host -v $PWD/work:/work parrotsec/security


This is a curated selection of smaller docker containers that contain only specific tools, alone or in cherry-picked collections.

Containers with shared tools are stacked on top of each other (when possible) to minimize storage waste and maximize layers reuse.

available templates:


based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64 provides the following packages:

  • nmap
  • ncat
  • ndiff
  • dnsutils
  • netcat
  • telnet


docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-nmap <nmap options>


docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-nmap -F

docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-nmap -Pn


based on parrotsec/tools-nmap:latest provides the following packages:

  • parrot-pico
  • metasploit-framework
  • postgresql


docker run --rm -ti --network host -v $PWD/msf:/root/ parrotsec/tools-metasploit


based on parrotsec/tools-metasploit:latest provides the following packages:

  • set


docker run --rm -ti --network host -v $PWD/set:/root/.set parrotsec/tools-set


based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64 provides the following packages:

  • beef-xss


docker run --rm --network host -ti -v $PWD/beef:/var/lib/beef-xss parrotsec/tools-beef


based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64 provides the following packages:

  • bettercap


docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-bettercap


based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64 provides the following packages:

  • sqlmap


docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-sqlmap <sqlmap options>


docker run --rm -ti parrotsec/tools-sqlmap -u --wizard


This container is used internally by the Parrot Build Platform to test and build the distro packages.

Even if it is not meant to be used directly by users, it contains all the tools to work on debian packaging and properly test package builds in clean and disposable environments.

This container ships with the following packages:

  • git-buildpackage
  • ubuntu-dev-tools
  • devscripts
  • debhelper
  • dh-apparmor
  • dh-autoreconf
  • dh-buildinfo
  • dh-cargo
  • dh-consoledata
  • dh-di
  • dh-exec
  • dh-golang
  • dh-linktree
  • dh-lisp
  • dh-lua
  • dh-make
  • dh-make-golang
  • dh-make-perl
  • dh-metainit
  • dh-perl6
  • dh-php
  • dh-python
  • dh-runit
  • dh-strip-nondeterminism
  • dh-sysuser
  • dh-vim-addon
  • dh-virtualenv
  • kernel-wedge

Available flavors:

parrotsec/build:latest - based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64

parrotsec/build:rolling-amd64 - based on parrotsec/core:rolling-amd64

parrotsec/build:rolling-i386 - based on parrotsec/core:rolling-i386

parrotsec/build:lts-amd64 - based on parrotsec/core:lts-amd64

parrotsec/build:lts-i386 - based on parrotsec/core:lts-i386

parrotsec/build:lts-arm64 - based on parrotsec/core:lts-arm64

parrotsec/build:lts-armhf - based on parrotsec/core:lts-armhf

Example usage:

git clone

cd metasploit-framework

make your modifications to the package here

cd ..

docker run --rm -ti -v $PWD:/build/ parrotsec/build:rolling-amd64 - bash

cd /build/metasploit-framework

apt build-dep .

debuild -us -uc